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What a great time although our hotel was horrific. We could only laugh about it, We rode almost every ride at the park and were so so scared. Unreal rides, beautiful sunny day lots of running around and lots of kisses. A wonderful memory...A wonderful day filled with laugher and roller coasters!!! What a blast. 

  Playtime at Warner Brothers!

  Petrified on a ride!

So much fun!

Unreal rides!!!

We got to meet Flower!!


"So she passed over, and all the trumpets sounded for her on the other side." ~ John Bunyan


Las Vegas

We spent last October in Vegas together and rode the rides at the Stratosphere. Unreal experience. We walked the city, shopping, eating, kissing and simply looking at everything in amazement.

Photos from Vegas


New York

So so cold but we still had a great time. We stayed at the New York Hilton and Debbie got to come hang out in my work booth under the guise of Shepard Consulting. She met my CEO and co-workers and was truly a professional that day. I was so proud of her.

Photos from New York


Flagstaff and Sedona

Debbie's first experience camping was cold and rainy at Flagstaff but from there we went to Sedona and had the best day ever. So so beautiful and romantic.

Photos from Flagstaff and Sedona



When I met Debbie, she hated Pride - felt it was just a bunch of half dressed boys runnin' around being inappropriate. But that all changed and we had so much fun every time we went. We even won "Best Looking Couple" at San Diego Pride and won a trip!!!

Photos from Pride



What an amazing time. There was hardly anyone there so we got to ride all the rides without standing in long lines. We had a bit of rain to deal with but that didn't stop our fun.


Photos from Disneyland


Magic Mountain

Although the hotel was absolutely disgusting, we had the best time at Magic Mountain. The rides were so so scary but we went on almost all of them. God we laughed so hard that day. A wonderful time.

Photos from Magic Mountain

Whitewater Rafting in Leavenworth

Unreal time! Beautiful mountain cabin, a great time riding the waves, I would give anything to do this with her again.

Photos from the Ride


Del Mar Fair

We loved going to the fair together and always got sucked in by the fair barkers buying the latest in skincare products and sushi makers. LOL. God I loved going to the fair with her!!!

Photos from the Del Mar Fair.


Debbie's Friends

Here are photo's of people in Debbie's life who loved her, If you would like your picture added, please send me a jpg. at gayle@debbieshepard.com.

Photos of Debbie's Friends

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