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Debbie was born a twin in Oklahoma on February 1, 1964. She is survived by her twin sister Sandy, her younger sister Teresa and her brothers Eric, Michael and Alan, who made up the rest of the family. Unfortunately, Debbie's life growing up was filled with pain and sorrow.

        Debbie's mom

I'll never forget the night we went out to dinner and we sat there for 4 hours with her sharing with me nonstop all that she had gone through as a child. I cried for those four hours. I've never met anyone who had such a difficult childhood. I don't feel it my place to go into details but suffice to say, Debbie had a very sad upbringing.

When she got out on her own, she moved to Seattle and followed in her Uncles footsteps and became a truck driver. She was so proud of herself and was an incredibly hard worker. She was able to buy herself all the things she had been denied for so long. 

There wasn't anyone who crossed her path that she didn't make laugh at one point or another. She was a completely unique woman who brought laughter to so many.

Here are photos of Debbie in her 20's...

AA was a big part of her life, however the turmoil inside her won out in the end. What a wonderful life cut short far too early.

"They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it. Death is but crossing the world, as friends do the seas; they live in one another still."  ~ William Penn


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