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Animals - Debbie loved her Mocha and Max beyond belief. They were her saviors in many times of trouble and sadness. They loved her and she loved them unconditionally. I am so blessed to have Mocha in my life today. She's actually cuddling with me right now.


Her Rumble Bee - Debbie was so very proud of her truck and obsessed with making sure it stayed clean and had the coolest accessories she could find. She loved her truck and I'm so grateful that her ex-wife Lisa is now the proud owner. I'm sure she will maintain it in the same spirit as the way Debbie did. As a result of Deb's love of her truck, everyone got Debbie bee things all the time. Yellow was her color, just like the sunshine she brought into all our lives.

     Dancing at the wheel!!

Her Friends - Debbie had so many wonderful people who loved her. If you would like your picture added to the Debbie's friends page, please email it to me at gayle@debbieshepard.com

Her Shoes - We all know about Debbie's shoe fetish. She couldn't go a week without a new pair of shoes. She would get so excited when she went in to ANY shoe store and always got frustrated because she had such tiny feet and none of the men's shoes would fit her. She could, however,  fit into a boy's size and may of her shoes were just that - little boys shoes. And you wonder why I called her my goofball.

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"I feel a strong immortal hope, which bears my mournful spirit up beneath its mountain load; redeemed from death, and grief, and pain, I soon shall find my friend again within the arms of God." ~ Charles Wesley

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